Here’s the thing with back pain, there are many variations and severities. Sometimes it’s chronic; other times, it’s acute. Sometimes it’s intense; other times, it’s mild. Sometimes you know why your back hurts; other times, you don’t. 

Back discomfort runs the full gamut. But chiropractic care is a trusted and effective resource to help end it. Chiropractors are educated in the soft tissues, joints, and spine. They have a unique understanding of how the body works and moves. With this knowledge comes various solutions to naturally heal and restore imbalances, injuries, and dysfunctions in the back or spine. 

So, can a chiropractor truly cure your back pain? Short answer: very likely, yes. And because chiropractic techniques are safe and non-invasive, seeking their care is responsible. It can keep you out of surgery, eliminate the need for pain medication, strengthen the soft tissues and joints, minimize any downtime, and reduce the probability of re-injury. Why not give it a go? 

How Chiropractic Care Can End Back Pain

The back is home to many muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and spinal structures. Chiropractors have a skill set that includes an understanding of the musculoskeletal system (soft tissues, bones, and joints) and the spine. 

Your chiropractor will determine your injury and apply a treatment plan focusing on the dysfunction. This ensures your pain is stopped at the source rather than offering a quick fix that masks the pain but doesn’t heal the actual cause of it. 

When the body is distressed in one area, other areas have to pick up its slack. This compensation can cause further injury and pain. 

For example, say specific soft tissues that surround the spine are inflamed, they may put pressure on one of your spinal discs, leading to herniation. Your disc herniation can then lead to damaging an area of the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica. Your sciatica may affect one leg, forcing you to overuse the soft tissues and knee joint of the other leg and cause harm to the healthy leg. You get the idea.

Chiropractic care treats the body as a whole, helping it find its full function in every area. This provides protection throughout the musculoskeletal system and serves to end your pain as the body finds its symmetry. 

When you partner with a chiropractor to fix your back pain, you also receive insight on how to better support your spine and back. 

Back and spine advice you may receive includes:

  • Postural support
  • Ergonomic insight
  • Proper sleeping positions
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Workstation setup
  • Stress-relieving techniques
  • Nutrition support 
  • And more

Chiropractic is a reliable way to help end your back pain because it offers so much more than pain relief. While your comfort (or lack thereof) may be your focus, true healing is ours. 

Our Chiropractic Solutions for Ending Back Pain

We work with many kinds of people, including pediatric patients and maternity patients, so you can trust that our treatment plans will be safely designed for your unique needs and abilities. We don’t take risks with your health or your body. 

Common chiropractic methods used to cure back pain include:

Whether your back pain stems from habitual poor movement patterns, a car accident, or the overuse of soft tissue groups due to your exercise routine, we can help. We’ll find the injury and give it the empowerment it needs to recover.  

The Venture Chiropractic Process

Working with our Fargo chiropractic team for back pain is a streamlined process

Step 1

A conversation is had between you and your doctor. You will discuss your current pain points, medical history, current lifestyle, goals, known injuries, etc. All relevant information will be provided. Dialogue is always encouraged throughout your healing process. 

Step 2

A full-body, comprehensive assessment is given to determine how your body works, moves, and supports you. This is important because back pain doesn’t mean your injury is actually in the back; it could be due to a hip injury, sciatica, or even mental stress. 

Step 3

Your chiropractic team will put a plan in place that will enhance the body, encourage strength and proper movement patterns, and realign, rejuvenate, and relax both body and mind so you can efficiently and effectively heal. You’ll also get take-home exercises, stretches, guidance, and education that complement your in-clinic treatments, so you have the tools to stay healthy. 

If you’re ready to see how chiropractic care can improve your comfort, plus get a slew of other benefits, contact us; we’re prepared to help you live pain-free and actively starting today.