Do you have fitness goals?

Not getting to where you want to be with them? You may be busting your butt working up a sweat at your local gym  but one under lying problem may be you are simply not  getting enough protein!

The building block of muscle

When it comes to building those boulder shoulders or massive arms for true sun out guns out summer you can count on protein to help get you there. Protein is made up of amino acids, amino acids are very important when it comes to the growth and repair of tissue. They work together to feed your muscles the nutrients they need to carry on and keep you functioning at top level in the gym.

Maintaining a healthy weight.

Many people know protein can help build muscle but did you know it can also help you maintain a healthy weight? A higher daily intake of protein will result in a higher functioning metabolism. If you are constantly giving your body more to burn it is going to get used to working hard, why does this matter? If your metabolism is burning at a faster rate, your body in turn will burn more calories in a day, this will result in a happier you next time you jump on that bathroom scale.

A better more energetic you!

Yes, with more protein you can be more muscular and reach your fitness goals faster. Protein also has some general benefits that you just can’t argue about! With a higher protein intake you as an individual will feel better. Protein has been shown to help with the production of important enzymes in the body and help balance hormones which in turn helps your body produce more energy!  You will have more energy that is longer lasting throughout your day. Who can argue with that!

Eat More Protein and start towards a new you!!

by Dustin Holler, CPT