We’ve all heard mom tell us to sit up straight at some point in our lives, but why? Correct posture allows the proper musculature to keep us erect, therefore, taking pressure off of the joints and ligaments in the spine, and bigger muscles in the body. It also helps to prevent increases in degenerative changes, inflammation, and muscle aches. Research shows that a person’s posture can be directly related to a person’s health. Think about that, we’ve all seen that hunched over person at the mall that can barely move; only to find out they are a mere 65 years old. We’ve also seen that older gentleman and woman tearing up the dance floor, and find out they are a young 85. What is the difference in those people, direct relation to their posture and how they hold themselves!! Remember, we age because our spine ages, not because we tallied another year on the calendar!!

When It comes to posture, there are a few things to consider. Looking at a person from a side view, notice how the ear, shoulder, hip, and front side of ankle all fall in line. The Shoulders are not rounded forward either, but in a pulled back and erect posture. From behind, notice that the ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are all level, with toes pointed straight ahead, and knees not bowing in or out.

by Travis Helmers, D.C.