Limit interval times:

Many individuals spend 10 plus minutes on one exercise. The fact is unless you are strength training, if you can spend over 2 minutes in length on one exercise you are not pushing hard enough and you will reach your plateau very quickly.

Keep it simple:

Many different HIIT workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment. Multi- plane movements challenging things like stability and strength with the combination of challenging stamina should be the aim here. The idea is to keep it simple enough where you don’t get bored yet you can take the workout anywhere you go.

Remember Recovery:

Recovery is one of the key most important parts of a successful training program. Whatever you may be doing with fitness ranging from strength training to Yoga you need to include adequate time for recovery in between workouts. Different styles of training require different recovery periods. For HIIT you may use a 1:2 ratio, an example: 30 seconds of burst exercise followed by 60 seconds. The purpose of HIIT is to be able to work your hardest that you can in those 30 seconds, to do that you will need those 60 seconds to recover fully.

by Dustin Holler CPT, CES