With exercise there are many benefits. People work out and they lose weight, get toned, and gain muscle. For most individuals those benefits are as far as they want it to go.  “I worked out, got jacked and moved on with life”.

While these benefits are huge when it comes to fitness, exercise has so many other benefits that come into play.

  • Decreased Blood pressure- studies show that a consistent exercise program will overtime help decrease both resting heart rate and blood pressure in even some pre-hypertensive individuals.
  • Improved cholesterol levels- Regular exercise can improve High density lipoproteins (HDL) which is the good cholesterol. In being physically active as little as 30 minutes per day/ 5 days per week you can help make this change. Lower cholesterol can mean decreased risk for strokes and heart attacks.
  • Improved learning and brain activity- increased physical activity helps bring more oxygen to the brain which can help with microstructures of the white matter in the brain. This can lead to enhanced memory and overall less brain fog.

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by Dustin Holler CPT, CES