Let’s review some basics about this amazing vitamin:

What Is it?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means it is absorbed in the intestines while the excess is stored within the body.  Vitamin D occurs naturally in fish and other foods like egg yolks, cheese and beef liver. Vitamin D is created through in our skin by exposure to sunlight.

What Does It Do?

Vitamin D helps our intestines absorb Calcium and Phosphorus, two essential minerals for bone growth and repair.  Vitamin D can also play a role in cell growth. Some studies have shown that it may help fight against infectious disease or even autoimmune disease as well. Vitamin D is vital for all systems of the body and helps us feel and function better.

Where Can I Get It?

Vitamin D naturally occurs in certain oily fish such as cod liver oil, salmon, and sardines.  If you can stomach beef liver, this can also be a great option. Many foods are fortified with Vitamin D like milk, breakfast cereal, and bread; however, these also contain high levels of sugar. I would recommend that these food options are not the primary source of your Vitamin D intake.  The best source of Vitamin D for our bodies is sunlight exposure.

How Much Is Necessary?

This is a loaded question because many factors will come into play including your body mass, skin color, age, gender, and where you live.  Moderate exposure to sunlight may be best for producing adequate amounts of Vitamin D in the body. The actual recommended amount of exposure time needed will vary from person to person.  Some studies 1 suggest exposure of the arms and legs or of the hands, arms, and face for 5-15 minutes a day.  This can be difficult for people who live in the northern countries where sunlight exposure is minimal.  Dietary consumption may also be difficult in certain regions of the world, due to the limited food options that naturally produce Vitamin D.  Taking oral supplementary Vitamin D is another option that can be beneficial for people who do live in area of minimal sun exposure.

What Are My Vitamin D Levels?

If you are curious about finding out what your actual Vitamin D levels are in your body, we at Venture Chiropractic can help you!  We offer blood test services at our clinic to help accurately test for your current Vitamin D level. Call (701) 730-3867 today to set up your appointment and we are happy to answer any questions as we do our best to serve you!

-Dr. Matt


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