Texting has become part of our everyday culture, but how does that affect us from a health standpoint? When most people text, tendencies are to look down towards phone, which rounds the shoulders and mid back, creating a postural nightmare. Every inch forward the head goes, it doubles the weight that it puts on the spine. This can lead to increased muscle tension, inflammation, and strain that can lead to headaches, neck pain, back pain, and even increased degenerative change.

What are some ways to help prevent bad posture with texting?

  1. Make sure to sit up straight with back against chair, phone at eye level.
  2. Avoid texting in bed or while lying on your back, which will cause you to lift head, creating forward head posture.
  3. Use voice texting to avoid staring down at your phone to type long messages.
  4. Use a computer for internet purposes, which has proper ergonomics.
  5. Perform stretches and exercises that target bringing the head directly over the shoulders, and the shoulder blades back and downwards.

by Travis Helmers, DC