Studies from all over conclude that office workers sit a lot.  I’ve seen range results from 6.5 hours to 15 hours a day.  Even if we take the lower end at 6.5 hours, that is still a lot of time to be spent sitting.  So should everyone invest in a stand-up desk?  A stand-up desk is the common solution to combat sitting.  However, is there such a thing as too much standing?

An article published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that prolonged standing in the workplace is associated with an increased occurrence of low back symptoms.  The abstract of the article can be found here:

This article certainly changes the narrative of simply standing all day vs. sitting.  So what can/should someone do?  The most important thing to remember is to MOVE regularly!  Check out my blog for helpful tips in accomplishing this in the workplace:

If you currently do have the option of a sit-to-stand desk here are some helpful strategies for proper utilization:

  • Start at 15-20 minutes within the hour when first transitioning to a sit-to-stand desk.
  • Build your endurance to 4-6 hours of standing a day after 30 days with plenty of additional movement throughout the day!
  • Frequent microbreaks (3-5 min.) to stretch, walk, hydrate, etc.
  • Flat shoes and flat surface.  Consider a cushioned floor mat.
  • Listen to your body and don’t do continuous standing for 8 hours.

Stand up or sit down?  The best answer is a bit of both!  Movement is vital for the office worker.  If you’re having trouble moving let us know because at Venture we’re here to help you move better, feel better and be a better you!

— Matt Casperson, DC