Venture’s featured theme this month is “Healthier Kids”. With that in mind, fun & lighter blog content is only appropriate! 

Read below some fun facts that you might not know about the spine!

Six Silly Spine Facts! 

1. Humans and giraffes both have 7 cervical vertebrae!

It’s crazy to think that humans and giraffes both have the same amount of cervical vertebra in their neck, but in reality a majority of mammals have 7 cervical vertebra. The only 2 mammals that don’t are a sloth and a manatee!

2. The spine has over 120 muscles & 220 ligaments attached to it

The spine remains flexible but has many attachment sites for muscles and ligaments throughout it!

3. Every vertebral bone in the spine is unique in size and shape

The spine has different sections known as cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, & coccyx. They all have their own size & shape based on category, but each individual vertebra is unique as well! 

4. The 1st vertebra of the spine is named after the Greek God “Atlas”

Atlas was known for carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Your spine must support the weight of your skull (which can weigh 13 pounds!) as well as the rest of the spine and muscles.

5. The human spinal cord stops growing at the age of 5

After you turn 5 years old, your body starts to grow around your spinal cord!

6. Your spine carries more than a million electrical nerve messages between your brain and your body everyday

The cells that carry these impulses are called neurons. Neurons are the longest cell in the human body!


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Wishing you a healthy & happy spring!


-Kinzie Koch, DC