It’s easy to pick up on many habits in the workplace, but are all of them good habits? Most people don’t even realize the habits they have picked up are compromising their health. Let’s take a look at five unhealthy workplace habits:

  1. Sitting All Day.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, chances are you’re sitting down on the job. Americans spend more than half their waking hours in sedentary positions. In addition to back pain and bad posture, chronic sitting has been associated with serious health consequences like weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Standing up for just a few minutes every hour can help you fix this unhealthy habit you may have picked up on. Set an hourly alarm to remind yourself to stand up, stretch, take a lap around the office, or even a short walk outside if you can.

  1. Eating Lunch Alone at Your Desk.

Studies have found that 65 percent of Americans eat lunch at their desks or don’t take a break at all, leading to more sitting and less social interaction.

Consider thinking of lunch time as a chance to catch up with friends or coworkers, a breather from your work day. You will likely be more productive the rest of your day and feel more refreshed than just sitting at your desk by yourself. If you are really pressed on time, consider a “working lunch time” where you try to tackle some work tasks while having your lunch.

  1. Using Non-Ergonomic Office Furniture.

Your office furniture needs to support you in all sitting positions. If the time spent at your workplace causes back pain or issues with your hips and legs, you may want to consider a visit to the chiropractor. The chiropractor can help you isolate what needs tweaking. Your practitioner can diagnose any postural problems and offer suggestions as well as spinal adjustments, if needed.                                                                                              Your chiropractor knows the standard for a seat back that offers appropriate lumbar support and curvature for your spine. He or she may assign exercises to reduce shoulder tension and offer advice about the proper height for armrests and keyboards.

  1. Getting Too Little Exercise.

It’s easy to create excuses to not exercise when you have a busy work day. That busy work day turns into a busy work week, which then turns into a busy work month, and well you get the picture. Falling into the “work is too crazy, I’m just too busy” excuse (also an unhealthy habit) can really cause a strain on your health without you even realizing it.

Exercise helps create new brain cells, boost healthy ones, and sharpen your memory. This all improves brain power and brain activity.

Try a morning yoga class before heading to the office. Or schedule a break during your day for a quick run. Even exercise for just 30 minutes after work (no matter what excuse pops into your mind!). It’s hard to start, but once you make exercising part of your daily routine, it becomes easier to keep at it.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water.

This is the most common unhealthy workplace habit, and probably the worst one to have! Although you may feel more productive while on your fifth cup of coffee before 11 am, you may want to rethink just how much coffee you are consuming in your work day. Great for your skin and brain power, water helps reduce headaches and also boosts your energy.

The rule of thumb is to drink your weight cut in half in ounces. The best thing to do is get a big water jug and fill it up throughout the day. It helps you feel better and get rid of toxins.

by Arnela Karic