We have been anxiously awaiting the completion of our website.  If that wasn’t enough we also decided to update our patient portal.  This means less paperwork, less time at the front desk, and more time with the doctor! In one convenient spot, you will now have access to online scheduling, the ability to create appointment waitlist requests, online bill pay, access to your family account, and all forms can be completed before you even arrive at the office.  Below are some images of what you will find on the new patient portal! Keep an eye on your email as we will be sending a WELCOME EMAIL with details and instructions on how you may sign-up.  You will also have easy links to click on our website – https://venturechiro.com.

We love it and hope you will too!  While change can be scary we are confident that this will improve your experience and allow us to focus on what matters most to you, helping you move better and feel better.  The team at Venture is ready to help if you need help navigating the new patient portal.  Never hesitate to call us at 701-730-3867 or email [email protected].