For many women navigating the changes they experience physically and emotionally through pregnancy can be challenging and take away from the joys of pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an “illness”, but rather a normal female experience that all women are very equipped for from the beginning to the end.  Our bodies are made to birth our beautiful babies.  My goal is to help mom accommodate and understand the changes she may experience.  One of the beneficial treatments is called the Webster Technique, an adjustment designed and developed, by Dr. Larry Webster, to help remove intrauterine constraint. If your baby is not properly positioned in the head-first position, delivery can be longer, more taxing, and typically may require additional invasive medical intervention. This technique is designed to remove restrictions in the pelvis to free up space for the baby to move into a better position.  When baby is positioned optimally, mom will often experience less discomfort.  Often, the result of removing this tension is that a baby that is improperly positioned will turn to make delivery less difficult.

But how will it help to re-position my baby?

Dr. Larry Webster developed a chiropractic technique that balances the pelvis properly, while also reducing the stress to the ligaments that support the uterus, more specifically the round ligaments. When the pelvic bones are misaligned, a tightening occurs preventing optimal baby position. Sacral subluxations or misalignments can be one of the causes of difficult labors or “dystocia”. Such difficulties that may arise during labor are ineffective contractions, poor uterine health, shoulder dystocia, and stalling throughout labor. Once the pelvis and sacrum are properly aligned, the Webster Technique focuses on relieving the tightness in the round ligaments. This allows the baby to shift comfortably within the womb so that he or she may get into proper position. The round ligaments act to hold the uterus in suspension within the abdomen. However, as the pregnancy goes on, these round ligaments can become thin and tight like a rubber band. When these ligaments are pulled to tension they can cause sharp, spastic pains and restrict the space that baby can maneuver in the womb. Restriction of this movement often causes a baby to stay in a breech position beyond 37 weeks. Regular adjustments and use of the Webster technique can help to optimize your pelvic position and supporting ligaments and muscles for giving birth vaginally.  The benefits of vaginal deliveries will be discussed in a future blog.


If you’re a soon-to-be mom, your delivery is a momentous and exciting event! While childbirth is never predictable, the entire process can feel more stressful if your baby is presenting breech.   Proper chiropractic care, in and of itself, is very beneficial for the pregnant mother.  I am Webster technique certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, ICPA , to care for women during pregnancy with gentle, targeted techniques. I love meeting moms and helping them experience and supporting them so they can experience the birth they desire.

by Melanie Dockter, DC, CACCP