Father's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the dads and father figures in our lives. This post if for men committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement to better serve your family and community.  You can learn almost anything with a little help.  Youtube is one of my favorite ways to learn/teach myself new skills.  Here are a few of the channels I wish I would have found sooner.  Every dad, or anyone thinking about becoming a better man, should check these out.

The Kneesovertoesguy: If you want to move like you're 10 years younger.

Jordan B Peterson:   If you need advice from a grandfather you never got to talk with as an adult.

Professor of Rock: For Music Nostalgia.

Squat University:  If you want to learn how to lift weights for the first time in your life (or fix your crappy form).

The Meal Prep Manual:  Learn how to cook(meal prep) healthy food that actually tastes good.

The Bear Essentials: Dad's need to know how to tie knots, survive in the woods and do other manly things.

Dad Jokes: Because they're MAN-datory.

I hope these channels help you up your man skills and become a better dad now or in the future.  


Chris Dockter DC, CCEP

Chris Dockter DC, CCEP

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