One of the most asked questions we receive is if it is safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant? Much of my practice focuses on women’s health and I can take care of women in any stage. I am a certified Webster Practitioner and specialize in prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum care. The body experiences many physiological and physical changes from the moment of conception. Most of the physical changes occur after 16 weeks and this is a great reason why you should visit a chiropractor while pregnant.

Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant? Yes, getting adjusted is a gentle and effective way to take care of the pregnant person so they may maintain healthy body functions, move their best, and decrease body pains associated with the changing pregnant body. I take patients through an exam and review each patient’s current situation, so we know the best direction to begin with.

How does the pregnant body change? The female body goes through many changes during pregnancy, both physiological and physical. The protruding bump in front of you confirms the growth of your baby, but it can also lead to back pain. As your center for gravity changes it can lead to bad posture. Your head moves forward causing strain on your neck and upper back, your shoulders and chest are hunched forward making breathing and digestion difficult, and in later stages of pregnancy abdominal muscles spread and weaken making room for a growing baby. Abdominal muscles are less able to contract and keep your lower back in proper alignment. An additional factor is that increasing hormone levels can also cause joints and ligaments to loosen. Pelvic pain and sciatic pain are also common, but do not have to be expected or tolerated. Spinal misalignments, tight muscles, and ligaments can create constraints around baby and restrict an optimal fetal position during pregnancy.

How does chiropractic help during pregnancy? It is never too early to start seeing a chiropractor whether you are thinking about getting pregnant or already are expecting. Chiropractic care can reduce spinal restrictions, improve range of motion, reduce pain, and help the pregnant person move better. When it comes to delivery, a chiropractor’s consistent care and support throughout pregnancy ca improve baby’s birth position, which may lead to decrease labor and delivery times. I will also utilize the Webster Technique throughout one’s pregnancy to assist with improving baby position.

What is the Webster Technique? In an ideal delivery, the baby will be born headfirst with the head tucked. There are many components that may affect this optimal position. Changing hormones, increased weight and fluid, poor posture, and poor body mechanics can cause the pelvis to become misaligned and baby to move to a breech or transverse position. The purpose of the Webster technique is to release tension that may cause spinal and sacral misalignments, tight ligaments to promote proper balance in the pelvis. When these conditions are achieved, baby can correct itself and the result is greater ease and comfort in pregnancy and birth.

My Goal for YOU!

At Venture it is my goal to help you feel your best before, during and after your pregnancy. I want you to feel empowered, educated, and experience the pregnancy you desire. If you are experiencing aches, pains or have questions about your pregnancy I am here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

–Melanie Dockter, DC, CACCP