Slipping a disc” is a term that some may use to describe a herniation or a bulge of a disc in the spine. The discs however, do not actually slip anywhere. The discs in the spine act like shock absorbers whenever we walk, run, lift, or get up from sitting. They are made up of a fibrous outer ring with a “jelly like” center.  The fibers of an outer ring run crisscross, much like a Chinese finger trap. When a person consistently bends forward or sits with bad posture, the jelly in the middle can weave its way through the fibers, or stretch the fibers resulting in a weaker disc. When heavy pressure is applied, (i.e. you lift a heavy sofa with your friend) the weak disc may not be able to contain the jelly in the middle, resulting in a bulge or herniation of that material. If you experience a disc bulge or herniation, chiropractic is a great form of healing that has proven to get great results with resolving disc issues.

slipping a discBy Travis Helmers, D.C.