Your body and mind have physically just accomplished an amazing feat of human strength and endurance.  You have given birth!  No matter how baby enters this world it is important that we take time to heal and recover.  For some reason, American Society has deemed 6 weeks as the magical time frame for the birthing person to be cleared for exercise, sex, and has the ability to resume pre-pregnancy activities. It takes the uterus about six weeks to shrink to its original size, but it does NOT mean you are completely healed!  It is important to understand that many other cultures honor a 30-40 day lying in period where mom is expected to be still, bond with baby, and recover.  In some countries, she has a support system helping her for an entire year!

It is important to understand that healing is different for each person.  A study completed by Dr. July Wray in 2012 concluded that women need an entire year to recover physically and emotionally from birth.  Dr. Gutman, a psychologist suggests postpartum lasts 2-3 years.  It should not be expected, nor should the birthing person feel pressured to rejoin society, get back to “pre-pregnancy” weight, and resume activities when they are not ready.  After birth, mom is exhausted and depleted of heat from baby, fluids she has built up to support baby, the placenta, and nutrients stores.  The postpartum period is important to help mom with intentional healing, recovery, and then transition into a rehab and rebuilding phase when she is ready.

As a mom of three and working mom, I understand firsthand how challenging physically and emotionally the postpartum period can be.  The birthing person needs support more than ever and a community to turn to for help.  I am in the process of completing my BirthFit certification, which will provide me additional knowledge to help mom during the vital postpartum time. Birthfit supports a 30 day “Lying In” period.  Below are seven tips for your first 30 days at home that are recommended!

BIRTHFIT’s Top 7 Tips for Your First Thirty Days

  1. Skin to Skin
  2. Lying In and Around the Home
  3. Bone Broths and Teas
  4. Chiropractic and Body Work
  5. Connecting with Breath
  6. Baby Wearing
  7. Support System

It is my purpose to help you accomplish the above tips by providing education so you may understand what is happening physically and emotionally during this time, provide support and chiropractic care, and empower you to do what you feel is right on your own time frame without feeling societal pressure.  Besides providing chiropractic care and exercise advice, I can help you connect with your breath, and connect you with community resources to provide baby wearing support and I can help you rehab your body and mind.  Please let me know how I may help you!  We are always here at Venture to help you move better, feel better, and be a better you!

–Melanie Dockter DC CACCP