Chiropractors provide a variety of approaches to improve your physical function, reduce pain, and improve your quality of life.  When looking for a chiropractor there are four things to consider before booking your appointment.   

1. A good chiropractor will perform an examination.

An instant red flag is if there is no examination performed prior to treatment.  Chiropractors are legally responsible for gathering health information assessing you before starting care. An exam provides vital information that can help determine if it is safe to adjust, what the problem is, and an estimate of time it may take for improvement.   No two people are alike, even if they both present with back pain.  A good chiropractor will always ask you about your condition, medical history, and will perform a physical exam, as well as any other additional tests.  Only after you have been thoroughly assessed will they propose a treatment approach.  The examination will provide a guide to determine if care is meeting or exceeding expectations, by providing a reference for measurable results. 

2. A good chiropractor will answer your questions and make you comfortable. 

It doesn’t take long to perform an adjustment, but it does take time to understand your problem and get to the bottom of why you are in pain.  You may have many questions, especially if this is your first appointment and you are not familiar with chiropractic.  It is important your questions are answered, and you consent to treatment.  You should never feel pressured to make a long-term commitment before treatment is provided for lengthy treatment plans.  It should be the goal of the chiropractor to educate you in what is going on and explain the best course of treatment to get you moving and feeling better.

3. A good chiropractor will perform progress updates.

If you have been getting consistent care your chiropractor should perform a progress exam. This is where they can see how you are progressing and share results with you.  This is important because if care is not working, another technique, referral to another health professional, imaging, or exercise may be needed to continue progress.

4. A good chiropractor is willing to work with other professionals. 

A good chiropractor knows when to treat and when to refer.  This may include referral for imaging, physical therapy, massage, a medical referral, or even to a personal trainer.  A bad chiropractor will continue doing the same thing over and over with no results.  You should feel better and treatment should yield results.  The time frame for each individual may vary on various factors, but the bottom line is that you are experiencing improvement.  A team approach can help put the puzzle pieces together to solve your problem.

How do I find a good chiropractor? 

Venture Chiropractic offers a variety of different treatment options, has four different chiropractors with varied specialties, and strives to help patients move better, feel better, and be better.  If we are not getting results, we will refer.  We strive to educate and help you become active participants in the care you receive.  It is important that you feel comfortable, have your questions answered, consent and understand treatment. 

You will recognize the qualities of a good chiropractor in the care we provide.  If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at 701-730-3867 and our team will be ready to help!

–Melanie Dockter DC CACCP