“Clicking” or “Popping” during an adjustment, also known as cavitations, can be a very bothersome to some people. Even though it has nothing to do with effect of the actual adjustment, it can be a deterrent for most people to get chiropractic treatment. But, Chiropractic is so much more than just the manual adjustments. Here are some ways that people can still get treatment from a Chiropractor, without getting manual adjustments.

  1. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

This method involves using instruments such as FAKTR or Graston, in which the Doctor of Chiropractic can break up fibrotic adhesions (muscle knots) in the areas of complaint. The Chiropractor will usually have the patient move the specific areas of complaint while getting treatment, which will help restore normal motion and improved function of that area.

  1. Therapeutic Exercises

This method involves performing exercises that target specific postural muscles or groups of muscles to help restore functions and posture in the spine or extremities. However, using this in conjunction with adjustments or IASTM has been shown through research to get patients better faster and stay better longer.

  1. Activator

This is a device in which the Doctor of Chiropractic can add a specific pressure into the restricted joint to help create movement. This device can help create the same response in the nervous system as a manual adjustment, which is the overall goal of the treatment.

  1. Light Grade Mobilizations

Chiropractors can use 5 different grades of mobilizations. Grade 5 is usually what people think of when they think “typical” chiropractic adjustment. But, a Chiropractor can do lighter mobilizations which involve pressure to restricted joints with passive ranges of motion, that usually do not end with a result of a click or a pop. These types of adjustments are typically used with patients who have had serious traumas with advanced swelling.

If you have been wanting to go to the Chiropractor but are not a fan of the popping and clicking noises, ask your Chiropractor about alternative treatments they can perform to get you results with treatments that leave you feeling more at ease.

by Travis Helmers, DC