To Grow or Die? I choose to GROW!  How are you choosing to spend this time?  Are you binge watching Tiger King or are you learning something new?  Are you staying active? Are you trying a new recipe? Are you reading a book with your children or have you chosen to engage in social media?  It is okay to relax and watch a movie or TV show, but make sure you are not doing it ALL day long without engaging the mind and body.

Remember we all have a choice on how we spend our valuable time.  We have all asked for things to slow down or be quieter prior to this entire health crisis, but once it happened many of us didn’t handle this rapid change well.  Be careful about what you ask for!  Newton’s Second law is absolutely true, “an object at rest tends to stay at rest.”  This is a time to take action.  Take action in things that help us GROW.

How are you going to choose to GROW today?

Melanie Dockter, DC CACCP