As I sit here, trying to type some advice to moms and families I struggle with what and where to start. The last few weeks have been uncharted territory for everyone.  We have tried to convert our homes into offices, be a teacher for our children, and a full-time parent.  I have no secret tips or tricks to share, but instead a reminder that you are not doing one job, but THREE full-time jobs.  It may appear that some are doing this perfectly but understand that we are all IMPERFECT families trying our best.  Give yourself some grace and continue onward taking one day at a time.  Use each moment as a teachable moment for your kids.  They are always watching and will see how their parent(s) navigate challenges.

Things to do while spending time at home:

  • Create forts
  • Make obstacle courses
  • Color/Paint pictures
  • Make a scavenger hunt
  • Use shaving cream to draw pictures and work on spelling words
  • Play a card game or pull out a board game
  • Plant seeds for your garden
  • Re-pot plants
  • Play with chalk outside
  • Pick up garbage in your yard that has been hidden under the snow
  • Make a meal together – Check out . This is an awesome subscription box that includes 3 meals kids can prepare along with a cultural, geographical, history lesson and so much more.
  • Dance
  • Practice putting up a tent in your living room, so you are ready for summer – Indoor camp-out
  • Practice animal movements – this is a fun activity for kids and keeps them active
  • Go for a walk
  • Practice gratitude – at the dinner table have each member share a win, challenge, and something they are thankful for.

Remember it is okay for them to be BORED and practice QUIET time.  We need the quiet too.  I have downloaded some great meditations apps like Headspace to help calm the mind.  Lastly, have fun, move past the things we cannot control, and be thankful for all the things we have.  This is a great time to turn lemons into lemonade and prepare for the future.  We are always here at Venture to help you move better, feel better, and be a better you!

–Melanie Dockter, DC CACCP