What do each of your chiropractors specialize in?

All of our chiropractors work great in each area, however, Dr. Melanie specializes in pediatrics & pregnancy/women.  Dr. Chris specializes in sports/athletes. Dr. Travis specializes in more general health and maintenance care.

How long does each appointment last?  

Generally, you can expect your first appointment to last 60 minutes. Your second appointments expect 30 minutes and for follow up visits expect 15 minutes.

What does the first appointment include?  

First appointments include a full exam and an adjustment. We do not do x-rays, MRI’s, etc. in our office. We will send out a referral if necessary. Typically, the doctors will utilize hot/ice packs, and also will do some muscle work to prior to the adjustments. Exercise sessions are available and may be incorporated into your treatment plan.

What type of adjustments do your chiropractors perform?  

Our chiropractors provide hands on adjustments. However, in certain situations our chiropractors will use the drop table, activator, and instrument assisted manual therapy.

If you have any other  questions please do not hesistate to contact the office and we are happy to help!  We look forward to helping you!