Fitness has been around for a long time. It has had its fads and popular routines that range from tae bo the legendary Jane Fonda, and recently the most popular form of training- HIIT. But what makes a better well rounded athlete? Better yet, what makes the everyday person feel and move better?  If you guessed corrective exercise training then you would be correct!

Corrective exercise is best defined as a movement or exercise put in place to correct a muscular dysfunction. This type of training has its place amongst all places and skill levels in fitness. Ever Squat and have knee pain? The cause of that pain may not be coming from your knees but maybe your ankles or hips.

You see, how we move affects our muscles and joints. When we have an imbalance caused from trauma of an old accident and/or injury it may cause something called relative flexibility.  To sum it up this means your body is going to find a way for you to complete the movement you want to do recruiting whatever muscles it can. This can lead to what is known as a muscle imbalance. Your primary muscles that were otherwise fully functioning at one point have now become weak and the stabilizing muscles have replaced them!

There are many different variables that come into play here and each corrective routine may be different for each person. Extensive knowledge of anatomy does come into play when designing a corrective exercise routine. Speak with your local chiropractor, physical therapist or trainer to find out more about how corrective exercise can benefit your needs to become and feel the best you can.

by Dustin Holler, CPT, CES