Getting up from the floor may seem like a simple task, right? But, have you tried it without any support? Go ahead- give it a shot.  Pretty tough, right?  Did you know your ability to sit and rise from the floor may shed some predictability on your mortality?  The test is called the Sitting-Rising Test (SRT).

To perform the SRT assessment, stand on a flat, non-slippery surface. (Be sure to have somebody with you to help assess or support if needed.)  Next, sit down and begin to stand while using the minimum amount of support needed.  Your score is determined by how much support you use to stand. The perfect score is 10.  Points are taken off for each arm, elbow, knee, hand, etc. needed to sit or stand.  A half point is deducted for a loss of balance either sitting or standing.  Every point of your SRT score improves your survival by 21%, while a missed point could correlate with a higher mortality. Check out Dr. Chris demonstrating the sit-to-stand test below.

Sit to Stand Test   – 2:56 Minutes

Regardless of how you score, maintaining your musculoskeletal health is so important.  At Venture, we can help you do just that!  Through chiropractic care and exercise rehab, we can help you to do the things you love to do.  Call our office to see how we can help or simply to ask a question.  Take a stand for your health today!

~~ Matt Casperson, DC