After all those months of preparation and waiting for baby to arrive he is finally here.  Now what? You may find you are running into some issues that you didn’t expect.  Especially as first-time parents we don’t know what we don’t know and start asking friends, family, and Dr.Google, what we should do to help our little human.  As a parent, I understand that parenting can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

For newborns who have colic, are latching better on one side than the other, spitting up excessively, not sleeping well, preferring to tilt their head to one side, having few poopy diapers, or being unable to relax it may be a great time to bring your little one into a pediatric chiropractor.  I listen to your concerns, evaluate the potential issues, introduce a chiropractic adjustment if needed, and explain what can be done at home.  I enjoy teaching parents what they can do to ease the discomfort of baby.  A happy baby is a happy family!

If there are issues you believe are diet related, you have eliminated the primary offenders, and the symptoms still exist this may be another great time to bring your baby in to be checked.

Carrying your little one in that car seat is hard work and can put an unneeded strain on already tired, sore body.  You may find over time the cumulative effect on your neck, shoulders, and back.  This is a great technique that can reduce strain on your body and also help to maintain better control of the heavy seat.  Watch the video below and try incorporating this small change into your daily routine.

Run Time: 1:41

For mom’s who did not receive chiropractor care during their pregnancy there is no better time to get checked than now.  Pregnancy, labor, and baby care is exhausting, both physically and mentally. There are a lot of changes that occur post-delivery that can affect how well you move, how well you function, and how well you can get about your new daily activities.

I love helping families in the office move and feel better.  If you are curious if chiropractic care can help I would love the opportunity to meet you both!

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~~Dr. Melanie