When making a new year’s resolution many of us often fall short of our goals that we have set.

As discussed in a previous blog, many of us often set our goals outside of what we can achieve in the short term bringing disappointment and in most cases, abandonment of the goal.

Many common new year resolutions, or goals, is to do with fitness and losing a few extra pounds. We have all been there, we get a healthy routine going for a few weeks but lose motivation due to lack of knowledge, drive, or consistency. There are several ways that we can achieve these goals that we set.

One of the best ways to achieve your goals and help you push past that plateau is to hire a personal trainer. With so much technology out there such as, fitness apps, YouTube videos, etc. It is easy to talk yourself out of training with a professional. Here are some ways a trainer would be beneficial over other options.


Going into the new year most individuals are super motivated to achieve to their goals. 4 weeks into training and the new lifestyle people often start to lose motivation due to the busy-ness of life and stress from not seeing the results they were hoping for. A personal trainer will be able to push you further and hold you accountable that can often be motivating to help an individual to keep going and not give up.


Personal trainers hold a lot of knowledge of the human body and how each person is different. A good trainer will be able to custom make you a routine that is both fun and that will be suitable to your goals whether that is to add muscle or to lose weight.


When adapting to a new active lifestyle it can often be hard to shy away from old habits. Individuals often find themselves losing the will to continue to go to the gym or eat healthy. This can hinder results as consistency is key to meeting your goals in not just fitness but every aspect of life. A trainer can provide insight on how to keep things going through positive and motivating feedback.

New Styles of training:

When training you often start with a routine and then get bored of it. Training out of your comfort zone can create a fun opportunity that sparks growth leading you to better results then you could have imagined! One style that has become popular is boot camp/group training.

Group training is a fun newer exciting way to meet new people and get a great workout in at the same time. Studies have shown training in group settings to take your mind away from the “I have to exercise” aspect and turn it into a fun yet competitive atmosphere yielding calorie burning, fat torching results that will leave you wanting more!

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by Dustin Holler, CPT, CES